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Anuradha Nakshatra (Vedic Astrology) Scorpio Horoscope Secrets Ep. 17

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Astrological sign

Astrology Blog. What do you think? Comments Our site 1 Facebook. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Loading… 0. Comments 0 comments. Log In Sign In. Forgot password? They make great crystal healers. Here you will find the craftsman who is skilled with their hands. Curious about anything that is new. They are excellent speakers and attract attention wherever they go. Great spiritual insight. They can be shy and reserved and do not like to be seen for who they are on the inside. They can be organized and like to place things in order.

Blessed with creating anything.

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Great time to start something creative or artistic. Great time to study.

The Zodiac According to Indian Tradition

Good time for surgery, not that anytime is good for surgery but the outcome of the surgery will be good or the procedure itself goes smoothly. Swati; 6.

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  • Animal Symbols of the Nakshatras - Vedic Astrolgy Outlook;
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  • 27 Nakshatras - Characteristics |
  • Independent and restless souls with a strong desire for traveling. Masters in the fields of literature and music. They are great communicators who often excel in business and commerce.

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    Virtuous, compassionate and intuitive. They blow like the wind and can be put off course often due their intense curiosity. They may have a delicate physical temperament.

    Can be nervous and requires solitude to get grounded. When the Moon is in Swati, taking on studies of any kind is suggested. Great time to buy a new car. Vishakha; Charateristics: This is the warrior, the person fixed on succeeding, goal oriented and they get frustrated with obstacles. They will do anything to achieve their aims and sometimes can get obsessed with this. Very sexual in nature.

    At times they can destroy anything in their path and have little patience with others. Marriage should be avoided until more mature. Determined relentless energy. When the Moon is in Vishakha it is a good time for taking on challenging situations, not good for marriage, good for buying real estate, going on a dangerous mission where a successful outcome is necessary.

    A Navy Seals Mission comes to mind. Anuradha; Make great lovers. These people make great negotiators and can bring out the truth of a situation. Find success in foreign lands and are happy travelers. Healthy and vital. Difficult relationships with their mothers. Commitment to long term goals. Interested in spiritual matters. Good for any undertaking. Jyeshta; Characteristics ; Some of these natives are warriors while others are the Crone who seek the mysteries of the dark, secret places of the universe. These people can fight for others or themselves and are often victims themselves, which can cause them to be reclusive.

    They have high analytical qualities and a cleverness about them. They have serpent energy.

    The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac and the Vedic Fire Ritual

    When the Moon is in Jyesta it is a great time to attack bad habits, perform rituals and face changes. Not good for starting new projects and for learning music or dance. Good for undergoing surgery. Mula; 0. This is the Galactic Center - Gateway to the Underworld. Bold, intense, powerful spirits. Able to hold an audience with their words, natural speakers. Associates may be likely to betray them. They work hard and often burn themselves out. They can reach the heights and the bottom many times over in their lives. Personal suffering leads them to enlightenment.

    When the Moon is in Mula it an auspicious time for incantations and rituals, attacking bad habits and self inquiry into the dark night of the soul. Good for surgery and starting new studies of philosophy and the occult. Good for planting, buying a home.

    Animal Symbols of the Nakshatras

    Purvashadha; Renewal and regeneration. These people are proud and independent. They excel at arguments or debates and wield influence over other people. They are very likeable, they have a deeply philosophical and spiritual temperament. Deep intuition and sense of empathy. There is a certain emotional depth and softness about them.

    They become wealthy and successful early in life they can become self indulgent and materialistic.

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    Courageous and persuasive they can be obstinate. Restless and perhaps wandering in nature. Supreme patience and faith. When the Moon is in Purvashadha it is a good time to purchase lottery tickets, not very good for anything else. Uttarashadha; Upholding Universal principles, laws of time and magic and heaven which hold all existence together. Characteristics; True humanitarians, doing what they consider is the best for all concerned, higher principles.

    They are willing and enthusiastic travelers and great counselors.

    More Information on the Vedic Compatibility Report

    Tremendous psychological insight and penetrations. Always on the go, they make great travelers and great friends having many alliances. Bad luck in marriage. Later successes in life. When the Moon is in Uttarashadha it is good for establishing solid foundations. Beginning medical treatment, planting a garden. Moving into a new dwelling.

    Shravana; Diety - Vishnu, The Preserver. The Moon of Listening and learning. They require a lot of solitude in order to access the reserves of wisdom that they crave so deeply.