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  1. Find Out What 12222 Has In Store For Your Zodiac Sign
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Find Out What 12222 Has In Store For Your Zodiac Sign

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Normally optimistic and always up for a challenge, you may find that resolve tested this year by conflicts and other obstacles. Sometimes, it may even be the lack of drama or challenge that frustrates you.

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Energy may be scattered restlessly. Therefore, it is important that you find outlets to focus your energy and express your creative spirit. Eventually, you will find that having these activities in your life will help you vent out negative stress and energy that can affect your physical health.

Remember that your energy is yours alone and you must be the one to use it and refresh it. When good fortune comes, Libras may be tempted to splurge or spend. However, you must try to do the opposite. While this is a prosperous and blessed year in terms of finance and income, you must focus on budgeting for yourself. You can gain a lot from this year, especially in quick short term investments, but you can lose even more if you are not careful with your wallet.

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Set limits for yourself when you go out to shop. Or have someone else hold the strings on the money pouch. You will thank them come the end of the year. Many a Scorpio understand the importance of not being too fast and loose with their ideas.

Gemini | Illustrations | Gemini monthly horoscope, Monthly horoscope, Horoscope

This year promises to be a competitively charged time. These skills will help you survive the competitive transition many other signs are going through. Actually, this is a good time to spot and bring talents over to your side. Forming proper networks with prospering signs will aid you in climbing higher, though you may find that your workload will increase alongside this.

The choices you make now promise to have significant impact in the long term. You may feel that now is the perfect time to settle and just enjoy your life or new partner.

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The support of your family and friends blossoms beautifully this year. Both attached and single Scorpios may find that their life is full of love. Both new and experienced relationships will go through cycles of growth and self-indulgence. However, be careful about letting your eyes wander.

The Big Issue in your inbox

Remember, the grass may look greener on the other side, but you have a whole garden with you already. Learn to be open to those around you. Remember to give as much love and honesty as you receive. This is the perfect time to learn how. Scorpios can look forward to a relatively stable period of health. You may experience a few illnesses or allergies here and there. Aside from that, you will have the energy to accomplish what you set out to accomplish.

Health may take a backseat to the other things in your life, so it is good that it will not interfere too much. However, you may still be prone to chest infections or colds that surround the lungs. Always keep warm and pay at least some mind to your health.

Find outlets to express yourself creatively. The better you keep up your mental health, the better your physical health will be. This is especially so with finance that is concerned with the family. Joint accounts might be brought up this year. Before that, however, you must ensure that you have a steady financial foundation to stand on. This is a good period to start ridding yourself of bad debts or to pay off loans. Budget and reallocate your resources in order to get yourself the best result from the least effort.

Avoid making decisions too hastily. The first half of the year may be a good time to simply wait and observe before making any decisions. Sagittarius is in for a busy, busy time. This is a period of transition and change. Sagittarians may find their time torn between both family and work life. This may lead to you having to make difficult decisions on where to spend your time and effort, and will require a change of schedules or restructuring of plans. Your time will be tight, but you will be able to work around them with some careful planning and effort. Having a general plan can be more useful than you know, and help you balance out both your personal and work life.

Do not feel disheartened by the year stretching out your time — there is much to come in terms of success if you only put in the effort.